Who do I pay my nursery Fees to?

The Nursery Manager accepts payments of cash, standing orders or cheques via Little George’s Ltd.

When do I pay my nursery fees?

Nursery fees are payable monthly in advance and due on the 1st of every month. One month’s fees are payable on commencement, this covers the first month of attendance at the nursery. In the event of your child not commencing at the beginning of a month, then we will reduce the next month’s fees by the number of days not attended in the first month.

Do I need to pay a deposit on commencement?

A deposit is required upon starting the nursery; this is returned upon leaving provided the correct notice period is given. A deposit of £50 is required for a part time placement and £100 for a full time placement.

Are you open all year round?

The nursery is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm for 51 weeks except Bank Holidays and the period of 5 working days between our Christmas and New Year. Please note bank holidays are charged for, however you are not charged for the Christmas period.

Do I have to pay for my holidays?

Yes. There are no reductions for your personal holidays or sickness.

How much notice do I give if my child is leaving?

One month’s full notice of your requirements must be made in writing to the nursery. If you require changing your days and times then we will endeavour to do this as soon as availability allows, if required within the one month period, there may be delays if the days or times are fully booked.
Plans for your child leaving the nursery should always be discussed as far as possible in advance and a minimum of the one months’ notice in writing that is required, otherwise 2 months fees must be paid in lieu of notice.

Can I pay by nursery vouchers?

Yes, we accept all current nursery vouchers. Upon commencing you will be given a form which requires details of the voucher company that you will be using.

For further information and to visit the nursery please ring one of the nursery team on 07561849940.